Family home in a satellite near Pardubice

Studies: 2013
Locality: District of Pardubice, Czech Republic
Built-up area: 218.82 m2
Usable area: 181.24 m2 

Volume factor of the shape of building A/V: 0.95
Specific heat requirement for heating according to PHPP: 45 kWh/(m2/year)

Heating: gas condensation boiler 
Recuperation: yes

Land plot:
The builder´s land plot is located in a satellite near Pardubice. It is flat and has a total area of 1,106 m2; the land plot is wedge-shaped and is accessible from the north via a minor access road. From the west, it neighbours the family home development; for the present, the rest of the sides are undeveloped.

The assignment was to design a bungalow for four people.

The interior disposition of the house is divided into the living day part and the night quiet zone; this arrangement is also reflected in the exterior of the object in terms of varying facade height and colour. The day living part is optically divided from the surrounding parcels by a recessed terrace. The shape of the land plot is reflected in the shape of the object, which forms the entire arrangement of the garden and leisure exterior part.

This is a wall construction system from lime sand building blocks with exterior contact thermal insulation.