Isolated homestead in the vicinity of the castle

Project: 2010
Co-author: Ing. arch. Zdeněk Hoffmann 
Realization: completed
Locality: District of Plzeň, Czech Republic 
Built-up area: 509 m2 
Usable area: 574.8 m2 
Budgeted costs: -

Volume factor of the shape of building A/V:  
Specific heat requirement for heating according to ČSN: 42

Heating: IZT, TČ, solar collectors
Recuperation: YES

Land plot:
The secluded area on the meadow near the forest in the foothills of the stone guard-castle was built during the post revolution 90s in the framework of the unfinished settlement project, which left a desolated unfinished wooden building on a massive reinforced concrete basement and an adjacent barn on the land plot.

Design a generous single storey building with universal disposition as a future residence for a four-member family with a dwelling for the grandmother or guests. Build the house-keeper´s house in place of the barn and create the basis for development of an eco farm.

The building was located on the existing reinforced concrete basement whose hem is highlighted and forms the head of the new house, as if loosely set on an extensive meadow. The new building opens south-easterly toward the dense forest. The rooftops rise toward the southern sun and guide it into the deep disposition. In summer, it on the contrary protects against overheating. From the north-western downwind side, the house is protected by a thick stone wall, with cut vistas into the open landscape. The raster of the stone walls at the same time softens the mass of the building when viewing it from the nearby road; it creates the impression of merging with the forest in the background and also links it to the medieval castle above the forest. In terms of disposition, the house is divided into the main apartment and apartment for guests, which can be divided, or joined via the children´s section according to actual usage.

The initial basement including the swimming pool hall were made from reinforced concrete. The ground floor is designed as a walled building from porous concrete blocks with a reinforced concrete suspended floor slab.


Materials and appearance:
The plastered white walls of the house are enclosed by the stone wall. The plain monolithic floor leaves makes it possible for the wooden ceiling facing, which runs askance behind the rising edges of the roof. The wooden ceiling, just like the stone walls, smoothly run through the glazed surface from the interior to the exterior and thus create their maximum interconnection. The window frames and interior door frames are made of aluminium.